01-Aug-2020, 3:00 pm

A Charity Event

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Prize Pool: Rs 6000

The competition is now over. 


What is CovidReliefCodeFest?

The 2020 COVID CodeFest is a coding competition designed to put your coding skills to an altruistic use during this pandemic.


Anyone and everyone (upto 12th grade) who has an interest in coding is invited to participate in this unique competition. Our aim is to raise money for a charitable cause while we put your coding skills to the test. All the money collected for the event will be going to support Thayi Mane, a children's home for orphan and destitute children.


We have designed this as an individual event where you get the chance to demonstrate your own expertise in the competition and compete against other coders, as your individual coding skills come to the fore.


This competition, lasting two and a half (2.5) hours, consists of a series of challenging coding problems that progress with increasing difficulty, moving from easy to more difficult and eventually hard questions. 


Points will be awarded based on an output basis where nothing matters but the result. Coders can seek to find solutions in whatever creative manner they desire to. Ultimately, we are looking for coders to solve each problem in their own way! As long as it matches the expected output, it counts!(More details related to competition structure will be sent you via email prior to the competition)

Even if you cannot get the answer to a full question, don’t lose heart! Each question is divided into its own sub-parts, so even if you cannot develop the solution to a whole question you can still gain credit for getting parts of it.


In this CodeFest, the questions are not centered around just purely the knowledge that you may have but rather your creative solutions and problem-solving skills that may be required to solve the question. 


Through this initiative, we seek the chance to give the large community of interested programmers a chance to not only take part in and go against other fellow programmers in a fun-filled 2.5 hour hackathon but also be part of a bigger cause and raise money for charity and those who are struggling in these difficult times of the Covid 19 pandemic. To learn more about our cause, click here.


On that note, we will be collecting a registration fee of Rs 300, all of which will go towards our charitable cause.