What Do You Need To Know to Participate?

CovidReliefCodeFest is a coding competition designed to test your ability to solve algorithmic challenges/puzzles and find creative solutions to logic-based coding problems. Although an extensive knowledge of programming will assist you during the competition, It is not required!

As the questions will test your logical abilities only a basic knowledge of syntax is required. If you haven't learnt how to code yet we recommend you pick up one of the following languages(These are our suggestions but you can use any language you want) -

  1. Python

  2. C++

  3. C

  4. Java

Coding concepts you will need to have an understanding of include- 

  1. Input and output statements

  2. Operators(Arithmetic, Logical and Comparison)

  3. Different Data Types and operations regarding them (Eg - Strings)

  4. Conditional Statements

  5. Loop structures

  6. Arrays/Lists

  7. Knowledge of different functions can prove to be useful on competition day.

Make sure to revise your concepts and give your best on competition day, and remember at the end of the day... It's all for Charity!

You will need to have your own programming environment downloaded to code in